Hooray for Hat

I was Saturday Librarian today and there were quite a few littles there waiting while parents helped older siblings with homework type things. So, while I was prepping up my craft for Monday’s outreach storytime, I held a little pop-up craft time at one of the tables in the children’s library. The theme for Monday is hats, so it was almost nothing for me to fold up some extra hats and put out some glue sticks, paper strips and shapes and some other fun decorations and get to work with the younger kiddos.

We had a really good time decorating hats and I was surprised not only by the cool things some of the kids did with their hats, but also by the number of kids I had participating! The parents’ reactions were great, too. They all started asking me when they could bring their kids to do other activities and thanking me for doing something fun with their children. It’s all in a day’s work, folks!

I think pop-up craft time needs to happen more often.

Pop-up Craft time - Paper Hats