Spring Break Crafternoon Mural

We had fun activities planned for the afternoon each day of Spring Break. One day was board games, one day was a movie, and one day was Legos/block building. But, my personal favorite (and my responsibility) was our Crafternoon. I planned a kite making craft and got all of the supplies together on one table and then at the last minute had a brainstorm. I got out 4 large pieces of watercolor paper and taped them together on the back. Then I drew lots of flowers and swirls and butterflies to make a mural. I outlined the drawing in black sharpie and put it on another table with watercolor sets and colored pencils.

The kite craft was okay (I’d choose something a little less complicated next time if  knew I was going to be by myself), but the mural was really popular with the kids that came for Crafternoon. They did such a great job painting it and now it’s hanging in our Children’s area. It looks beautiful and it’s nice to have something there that the kids at our library all worked on!

Spring Break Kite Craft - Step 1: Decorating



Spring Break Crafternoon Mural Painting

Mural hanging in the Children's area