Easter Fun Storytime Collage 1

We started out Easter storytime by singing The More We Get Together with sign language. I really love this song and I go over the signs each time we sing it to reinforce them.

Book #1: Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming

Muncha Muncha Muncha

This book is so much fun! In the week before I did this storytime, I attended a webinar about using the Whole Book Approach called “Children, Children, What Do You See? Reading Picture Books With Children”. I have to admit that before this I had never really paid all that much attention to endpapers and covers when it came to storytime. I usually point out the title of the book, the authors name, and the illustrator’s name if there’s one listed, but that’s about it.

With this book, we talked about the title and the illustration on the cover and made predictions about what we thought the story would be about. Then when we looked at the title page, which has a carrot with 3 big bites taken out of it, the kids decided their prediction was probably right. Throughout the book, we looked for the bunnies on each page and each time Mr. McGreely would add something new, I would ask if they thought the bunnies would still get into his garden.

I followed this up with a flannelboard rhyme called 5 Little Carrots.

Five Little Carrots Flannelboard

Out in the garden, under the warm sun, Bunny saw a carrot and that makes one.

Out in the garden, under skies of blue, Bunny saw a carrot and that makes two.

Out in the garden, near a big oak tree, Bunny saw a carrot and that makes three.

Out in the garden, by the back door, Bunny saw a carrot and that makes four.

Out in the garden, near a bee hive, Bunny saw a carrot and that makes five.

Bunny gathered those carrots into a bunch, and she gobbled them up munch, munch, munch!

Action Song: Little Bunny Foo-foo by Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael was next and was a big hit! The kids wanted to do this one again and even asked for it again the next week!

I planned more activities than I knew would need for this storytime so that I could have options. We didn’t get to this song, but I think it’s a lot of fun!

Action Song: If You’re Hoppy and You Know It

If you’re hoppy and you know it, hop around
If you’re hoppy and you know it, hop around
If you’re hoppy and you know it
And you really want to show it
If you’re hoppy and you know it, hop around.

eat a carrot
…shake your tail
…stomp your feet
…wiggle your nose

Book #2: Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs

This is a cute book, but I think the pictures were a bit too small for the kids to see when Minerva Louise was talking to the chocolate bunny and the peeps candies. They did really like the colored eggs, though!

Next was a flannelboard about Color Changing Easter Eggs (I got the idea for this from Literary Hoots).

Color Changing Easter Eggs Flannel 1

Color Changing Easter Eggs Flannel 2

Color Changing Easter Eggs Flannel 8

The Easter Bunny forgot to dye his eggs and now it’s too late because he needs to deliver them! He tapped his chin and (pointing to the first egg) said, “Think, think, think. How can I make this egg turn pink?” And suddenly, magically it did! (Turn the first egg over to reveal the pink decorated egg.) At this point, the Easter Bunny realized that making a rhyme with the color name would make the egg change color. But, he couldn’t think of any rhymes, so he needs our help to change the rest of the eggs!

This flannel activity was a huge hit for my storytime crowd! They oohed and aaahhhed as each egg was turned over to reveal its color almost as if it were really magic! They came up with the best rhymes (my favorite being “shlurple”). We gave ourselves permission to make up silly rhymes for orange and purple, although I thought the suggestion of circle as a rhyme for purple was very clever. And when we turned over the last egg, the kids actually all cheered and shouted “We did it!”

Our next activity was a fingerplay: Here is a Bunny

Here is a bunny, with ears so funny (hold up two fingers slightly bent)
And here is his home in the ground
 (make circle with other hand)
When a noise he hears, he pricks up his ears
 (straighten fingers)
And he jumps to his home in the ground
 (two fingers dive into circle)

Credit: Early Literacy

Then we danced around the room with shaker eggs to Bunny Brown by Caspar Babypants. I can’t say enough how much I love Caspar Babypants!

Our last book was Chester’s Colorful Easter Eggs by Theresa Smythe

Chesters Colorful Easter Eggs



When we were done, we used watercolors and oil pastels to make Oil Pastel Resist Eggs. The kids colored with the oil pastels on a white piece of paper and then painted over them with the watercolors. When they were done, we put an egg shaped frame of black construction paper on top!

Oil Pastel Resist Easter Egg Craft

This was all around a great storytime! When my co-worker asked one of our regular storytime kids afterward how it was, he replied, “It was fantastic!” That sounds like a great review to me!