As Saturday librarian again this past weekend, I decided to do another pop-up craft time. When I got to the library, there were about 6 kids in the children’s area, so as I set out some materials, I quietly asked one little girl, “Would you like to make a puppet?” She smiled and nodded enthusiastically and I went to get a few more things. When I came back, there were 4 children sitting around the table, ready to make puppets!

We had a good time talking about what our puppets would be, what things we would add to decorate them, and just talking about their school and what they wanted to do in the summer. I met one little boy, who introduced himself and told me he was going to make a bird and proceeded to glue feathers and pipe cleaners all over his puppet. I wish I’d gotten a photo of it because it was spectacular!

I wound up having 12 people participate in the 2 hours I had the materials out, which I think is a pretty good turn-out. Afterwards, as I was cleaning up, my supervisor came over and said, “that little boy was the famous ________.(One of the terrors my co-workers have warned me about.) I guess if he’s engaged, he’s really a pretty good kid. I can’t wait to tell _______ (my co-worker) about this.”

(Also, next time – table cloth. Glue isn’t really all that fun to clean off the tables.)Paper Bag Puppets