I love working in a Children’s Services and a big part of that is the interactions I have with children. There are so many cool, funny, kind, and clever little people that come through our doors each day. But, I will admit to having a couple of favorites. One of those small patrons came in today. He is always a charmer, with a pair of dimples that just light up my day every time I see him smile! He’s imaginative and so sweet – he always draws me a picture and tells me a story about it.

Today, we were chatting and he was playing with some alphabet bean bags we have in our play area like the one pictured above. He had the “U” bean bag and it happened to have a unicorn in it. Below is part of the conversation with my Little Friend:

Him: (Looking at me with wide, serious eyes) I’ve heard that unicorns are very magical.

Me: I have heard that, too!

Him: (Still serious) I’ve even heard that they can fly!

Me: What?! I didn’t know they could fly!

Him: (Serious as a heart attack) I’ve also heard that they can shoot rainbows…out of…well, (points at tailbone) back here….


Later Conversation with the same Little Friend:

Me: What grade are you in, _________?

Him: I was in kindergarten, but now I’m in first grade.

Me: That’s cool! So you’ll be in second grade soon?

Him: Yes, and then I will be in third grade and then fourth grade. Soon, I’ll be in twelfth grade! And then I’ll go to college! Well, (gets that serious contemplating face again, as though it’s a very difficult decision)…or I might be a King. (Nods a bit to himself.)


I really could not love seeing this little guy in the library any harder, but then he also told me that when he is King, he will build a giant aquarium in his kingdom, he guesses he will have to have a queen, and that the rules in his kingdom would be: 1. No Bullying. 2. No Stealing. 3. No Killing.