Trains and trucks and things that go are always a fun theme, so this Mother Goose Storytime (6-24 months) was all about transportation!

Opening: The More We Get Together and Wave One Hand

Wave one hand.

Now wave the other.

Wave both hands,

And say hello to each other!

Hello! Good morning friends!

Early Literacy Tip: We know that kids who know some nursery rhymes by heart have an easier time learning to read. This is because rhyming is one way kids learn to hear the smaller parts of words and will be important when they learn to read and try to sound out words. Our first book isn’t a nursery rhyme, but it does have lots of great rhyming words!

Calling All Cars

Book #1: Calling All Cars by Sue Fliess and Sarah Beise

This is a really fun book with a great rhythm and rhyming words.

5 Big Trucks

Flannelboard: 5 Big Trucks (This is a flannelboard I found in our storytime collection with no attribution.)

This BLUE truck is number one. This truck can carry a ton!

The RED truck is number two. This big truck can carry you!

The YELLOW truck is number three. This truck can carry a tree!

The GREEN truck is number four. This truck can carry much more!

The ORANGE truck is number five. This big truck is fun to drive!

I went through the rhyme and then we counted the trucks, 1-2-3-4-5! Then we named all of the colors, too! It’s fun hearing toddlers say, “Yellow”!

Next we stretched out our fingers with some fingerplays: Where is Thumbkin and Itsy Bitsy Spider

Bounces: Big A, Little A and A-Bouncing We Will Go

Action Song: Open, Shut Them

Freight Train

Book#2: Freight Train by Donald Crews

I booked this kit from our headquarters – it had board books for each child to look at while I read from the Big Book version. They really seemed to love handling the books themselves. Fun stuff!

Tickle: This Little Train

This little train goes up the track (run fingers up your child’s arms)

It says, “toot, toot”, (give a little tickle on “toot, toot”)

and comes right back! (run fingers back down their arms)

I added in a special fun song for this week that I learned when I was a nanny: Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light

Twinkle, twinkle traffic light,

On the corner, shining bright!

Red means stop.

Green means go.

Yellow means drive, but very slow.

Twinkle, twinkle traffic light,

On the corner, shining bright!

Action Songs: I’m a Little Teapot and Wheels on the Bus

Closing: Ring Around the Rosie

This group was really small compared to last week – only 9 people, (I think it was because it was post-holiday weekend) but a good time was had by all.