I found the song, We Went to the Zoo One Day  on Read Sing Play, which Kendra used with puppets, and I decided to use it as a flannelboard rhyme. I usually make my felt pieces, but I didn’t have much time, so I found these cute clip art animals here and laminated them.

We Went to the Zoo One Day (tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

We went to the zoo one day, zoo one day, zoo one day ,

We went to the zoo one day, and this is what we saw: lion!

Repeat with other animals.

After laughing off the fact that I forgot the tune to Mary Had a Little Lamb, I sang through the song once and held up the first animal and the children excitedly called out its name after a pause. Then I asked them to try singing with me for the next animal. The adults in my group were great about singing with me and the little ones made a great effort. By the sixth animal, they were all old pros! We counted the animals and named their colors. We roared for the lion and “eee-eee-ee’d” for the monkey, and snapped our hands together for alligator jaws, too!

Used this flannelboard in Mother Goose – Zoo Animals Storytime on 7/13/2016

Shared on Flannel Friday! My first Flannel Friday contribution, wooo! You can check out the round-up over at Adventures in Storytime!