My storytime crowd has been changing lately and getting younger each week it seems. So I’ve been planning for the usual 3’s and 4’s, but trying to make sure I bring books that are good for the toddlers, too. Today was one of those days where I had almost all 2’s and under, so there was a lot of adjusting! One of the things I planned for this month was to use more bilingual Spanish elements, so all of the songs I had planned for today were in both English and Spanish.

I pulled out my trusty mailbox and after singing The More We Get Together, we started storytime by checking the mail. Today, we got numbers in the mail, so, as each child pulled out a number and put it on the board, we named it in both English and Spanish. When all of the numbers were on the board, we counted from 1 to 10 in English and then again in Spanish.

Next, we read our first book, Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! by Maureen Wright and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. In this book, Big Bear keeps sneezing just as the wind blows the leaves or the apples off the trees. Big Bear thinks he has caused the leaves to fall and tries to fix the mess he thinks he’s caused. Can the wind convince him that it’s not his fault? It’s a cute book, but it was just a little too long for this group. They really did like pretending to sneeze, though. AHHH-CHOOOO!!!

Next we sang the song 10 Red Apples and counted on our fingers as we went:

Ten Red Apples

One red, two red, three red apples,

Four red, five red, six red apples,

Seven red, eight red, nine red apples,

Ten red apples, good!

(repeat, counting back down to one)


Uno, dos, tres manzanas,

Quatro, cinco, seis manzanas,

Siete, ocho, nueve manzanas,

Diez manzanas buenas!

(repeat, counting back down to uno)

With the young group I had today, we did not count backwards, but we did sing it in English and Spanish to practice those numbers again!

After we sang, we also did some fingerplays – Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Where is Thumbkin. We really got those fine motor skills working this morning!

Then it was time for another book. You can’t do a storytime about seasons without including Old Bear by Kevin Henkes! This book was definitely more their speed – they loved finding the different silly things that Old Bear dreamed like the sun as a daisy, the leaves that turned into butterflies, and the sky raining blueberries!

After this book, we sang another song. This one was about colors. I put colored shapes on the board and we named their colors and said them in both English and Spanish. Then we sang this song, with me singing a line and them repeating after me. (Yellow was fun, haha!)

English/Spanish Color Song (Jan Barry)
(Tune: “Frere Jacques” Children repeat each line.)
Red is rojo. Red is rojo.
Blue, azul. Blue, azul.
Yellow, amarillo. Yellow, amarillo.
Green, verde. Green, verde.

White is blanco. White is blanco.
Black, negro. Black, negro.
Purple is morado. Purple is morado.
Brown, café. Brown, café.

Orange, anaranjado. Orange, anaranjado.
Pink, rosado. Pink, rosado.
These are all the colors. These are all the colors.
In Espanol. In Espanol.

With this song, we again cut it a little short and only did the first verse. Next time we might try the second verse, too!

We ended by doing the Goldfish song once again and then we did watercolor resist paintings. I gave each of them a white crayon and had them scribble to their heart’s content. Then we got out watercolor paints and I showed them how to paint right over the crayon lines. They LOVED this – it was just like MAGIC!

I had more planned in case I had an older crowd, but this was plenty for my group today. After painting, I got out our bubble machine and we had a blast bubble dancing to YMCA!