Nursery Rhyme Storytime Collage 2

Because I’m new to Children’s Services I’ve been trying to read as much children’s literature as I can to broaden my knowledge for both storytime planning and reader advisory. Back in February, I was reading lots of folk and fairy tales and nursery rhymes, as well as variations. So, it seemed natural to use some of those books for a storytime. This was fun to plan and present!

Here’s the plan:

Opening Song: If You’re Happy and You Know It – The kids were really into it today and I had quite the crowd today as two home daycare groups showed up!

There Was An Old Monster

Book #1: There Was an Old Monster by Rebecca and Ed Emberley – I really like the illustrations in this and most of the older kids were really into the story, but we have such a mixed age group and especially the 2’s and younger 3’s were really distracted by the end.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Book #2: Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Jane Cabrera – This was fun to do as a sing-along, but they didn’t really seem to get the baby at the end. If I did this in the future, I might go with Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop by Lisa Shulman because of the super fun sounds!

Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop

Action Rhyme #1: Hello, My Name is Joe – We all stood up and worked on turning the button. There was a lot of giggling during this one!

Flannel Board Rhyme: Mary Had a Little Lamb – I found this on Recipes for Reading and it was my favorite thing this storytime. I really wanted a lot of interaction from the kids, so I didn’t fill in any of the words for them after the first one and they really impressed me! I explained that Mary had lost her lamb and we needed to help her find it. The first lamb I pulled out was red and I sang the song: 

Mary had a little red lamb

Mary had a little red lamb,

Mary had a little red lamb,

It’s fleece was red as _______!”

I put on my puzzled face and repeated, “red as cherries?! red as apples?! This lamb is red! Is this Mary’s lamb?” The kids all agreed this was not the right lamb because Mary’s lamb was white as snow! We repeated the song for each color lamb with the kids filling in the similes for each color until we found the little white lamb at the end. I really loved the things they came up with to compare each lamb to and they had a great time calling out different things for each color. “Yellow as butter!” “No, the sun!” “Purple as a purple crayon!” “Green as grass!”

Mary Had a Little Red Lamb

Fingerplay: Itsy Bitsy Spider – A girl from one of the daycare groups asked, “What about the Big Fat Spider?” when we finished. I said I didn’t know that part and so she showed me to do the same rhyme except you stand up and stomp when the Big Fat Spider climbs up the water spout instead of just using your fingers! So we all did!

Book #3: Itsy Bitsy Spider by Iza Trapani – They were pretty interested to hear about the further adventures of the Itsy Bitsy spider.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Rhyme: This Old Man – This is the first time I’ve tried using a prop or puppet in storytime and it went alright. I did feel a bit awkward, but the kids really liked it and wanted to play with him afterwards. I showed them the motions for knick-knack paddywhack (pat knees twice and then clap twice), give a dog a bone (throw a bone over your shoulder), this old man came rolling home (roll hands). One thing I would do in the future is to cut it short by only going up to five or six if the kids are restless, but this seemed to go over pretty well.

This Old Man and Mary Had a Little Lamb Flannels

Book #4:  Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker – The kids all knew this rhyme and they had fun reciting it with me and counting chickens at the end

Big Fat Hen

Music & Movement: It’s a Very Simple Dance to Do

Craft: Playdough Itsy Bitsy Spider – playdough, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, sharpie for initials on bottom

This storytime was so much fun to do!