Spring Storytime Collage

Storytime attendance at my library is so up and down! I had more than 20 for my last storytime and then 4 children for this one! We had a great time with just the 7 of us, though (4 children and us 3 adults). To celebrate the warmer weather I had a spring theme planned.

We started out by taking a spring walk in our imaginations. We walked all around the room and felt the warm spring sun on our faces and the cool spring breeze on our skin. We smelled the flowers and the new grass. We listened to the birds and looked at all the beautiful colors of spring in the birds feathers, a butterfly’s wings and the flowers blooming everywhere. We also jumped in some puddles before we sang our welcome to storytime song, The More We Get Together.

The first book, What Does Bunny See?: A Book of Colors and Flowers by Linda Sue Park, was a good follow up to our imagination walk. The kids were really good at guessing from the rhymes what color flowers would come next.

What Does Bunny See


Next was a flannelboard rhyme, 5 Little Birds. I got the pattern for these beautiful birds from Mel’s Desk and the original words can be found here. As I put the birds on the board, we talked about their colors and what each type of bird was called. The cardinal was the only name that the kids already knew. Then when I recited the poem, I changed the words to use the name of each type of bird.

Five Little Birds Flannel

Five little birds, hopping by my door
The Cardinal went to build a nest, and then there were four

Four little birds singing lustily
The Chickadee got out of tune, and then there were three

Three little birds, and what should the Oriole do,
But go in search of dinner, leaving only two.

Two little birds singing for fun
The Goldfinch flew away, and then there was one.

One little bird sitting in the sun
The Bluejay took a little nap, and then there was none.

We had a lot of wiggles during this storytime, so we stood up and sang If You’re Happy and You Know It. When we were done, we were ready for another book, Little Quack by Lauren Thompson. I really liked this book when I read it before hand and the kids loved the names of the ducklings and the pictures, but the “quack-u-lator” at the bottom of each page that kept track of how many ducklings were in the water proved to be confusing.

Little Quack

We did some moving and dancing with shaker eggs to Rocks and Flowers by Caspar Babypants and then did The Freeze Dance.

Our last book for the day was Snappy Little Springtime. We have a bunch of these cute books in our library’s storytime collection and the kids love looking at the pop-ups.
Snappy Little Springtime

We finished up with a Flower Garden Collage craft.