Today is my one year anniversary in my job and I spent my day researching moving costs in the event that I am offered the job I interviewed for in Colorado last week. I’m just going to say that thinking about leaving this job that I love is stressful. Moving is also super stressful. Even thinking about moving is stressful. But, it’s also pretty stressful to research all of the costs when you don’t even know if you are going to need to know those numbers. I talked with people from multiple apartment complexes to find out their move-in costs, people from PODS to find out all of the numbers and info pertinent to getting all of our junk from here to there, and in an unrelated call, I talked to someone from here about an interview in another Library system.

I don’t really want to leave my own system, but because my position is part-time and isn’t likely to change anytime soon, I can’t just wait around hoping for a bigger role. And it isn’t just about money – although I am pretty fond of eating and having a place to sleep that’s warm and dry – it’s also about being able to have that bigger role in offering programs and services to my patrons. Right now, I am doing storytimes and the new Craft & Play program, but if I were full-time, I could help with outreach and with offering other regular programs for families and school-age kids – like STEM club, homework help center, or early literacy workshops for parents. I feel like I have a lot to offer and a part-time gig doesn’t give me enough time to do even half of it!

And so, I am moving right along with my search. Headed off now to scour those job boards and position announcements – Happy Anniversary to me!