I had planned on posting about my Reading Buddies program today, but an exciting thing happened today. Two exciting things. Well…two things that are exciting to me, anyway.

First, I took my first ukulele lesson! Wooo! Yea, me! I have been wanting to learn for a little bit now because I keep seeing awesome people post about using ukuleles in storytime. But, I am not about to just up and learn 3 chords and just get in front of people and pretend I can play. I mean, really? I just don’t think I could do that – I would die of anxiety, probably.

So, I got my own ukulele about a month or so ago, then found a place to take lessons, signed up, and took my first lesson tonight. It was already super helpful. I can tell a big difference in how easy it is to switch between chords just from how he showed me to change the position of my hand. I’m very excited to go practice now!

And the second thing is that I was able to schedule two intro ukulele classes for our teen and tween afterschool clubs for February! Offering a class (with a teacher, not me) for our teen and tween afterschool clubs was something I have been thinking about for a while and coincidentally, at a conference I went to last month, there was a session on “Ukuleles At Your Library” so I was super excited about attending. Hearing about how the same thing is working at other libraries made it easier to get my director to agree. I was able to get in touch with the presenter of that session today and we now have him coming to our library in February to do 2 intro classes for our kids! (And we may be doing a few for summer reading next year, too, since the theme is music – perfect!)

I am so excited about both of these things – my own opportunity to learn something new and being able to offer my library kids that same opportunity.